AirEvac International offers premium aircraft ambulance services to patients in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We are fully equipped with a professional, highly-trained staff that provides exceptional care in emergency situations. We offer both air and ground ambulance services staffed with skilled nurses and physicians. In the event of a serious injury or illness of both children and adults, contact us immediately. We will assess the situation and determine where to transport patients for the critical care that is needed.

Experienced Air Ambulance Transport

AirEvac International is one of the leading air ambulance transportation services in North America. Our aircrafts are equipped with advanced medical care and life support units to assist in critical condition situations. Our nurse and physician staff are expertly trained and experienced to ensure the best care possible for our patients. AirEvac International always has aircraft on standby and will be available for immediate transportation to the appropriate destination of care for patients.

Transportation Available 24/7

AirEvac International is equipped with both aircraft and ground medical transportation. Our ground medical staff is extremely experienced and trained in critical care, and can arrive at a medical emergency situation quickly. Our ground ambulance staff will evaluate the needs of a patient quickly and determine whether an air ambulance is needed for care.

Commercial Medical Assistance

Our trained staff is also available to assist on commercial flights if requested. AirEvac International will assign a team of flight nurses or a physician to care for a patient while on a commercial aircraft. This is extremely helpful when a sick family member needs to travel and will not have a caretaker available during the trip.

Event Medical Staff

Our highly trained staff is available to book for special events, such as large organized marathons or extreme sport events. Booking medical staff on-site at a large event will ensure that help will be available if an emergency were to occur. Our ground ambulance will be on-site at your event and will have an aircraft on standby for emergency medical situations.

Health Insurance Coverage

AirEvac International is staffed with expert claims specialists to ensure that all insurance claims and questions are handled quickly. We will determine the insurance coverage of patients for air transportation and figure out the best options considering coverage and expenses. Our goal is to give outstanding care and while keeping patients comfortable. We don’t want our patients to be stressed about insurance while worrying about their health.

Repatriation Services

Our services also include transportation to your country of citizenship. We have a multilingual staff that will assist with customs and paperwork for patients and helps transport individuals under care to their home country at a reduced cost. Please contact the professionals AirEvac International to answer any of your questions.