In the world of emergency medical services, air evacuation plays a crucial role in transporting critically ill or injured patients to the nearest medical facilities equipped to handle their specific needs. To ensure the highest level of care and safety during such critical missions, air evacuation personnel undergo rigorous qualifications and training. In this article, we will explore the essential requirements and expertise necessary for individuals interested in joining the esteemed ranks of air evacuation personnel. At Air Evac International, we pride ourselves on the expertise and skills of our personnel, who are trained to handle complex medical situations with precision and efficiency.

Medical Flight Patient Transfer

Minimum Requirements for Hire

Before embarking on a career in air evacuation, aspiring individuals must meet certain minimum requirements. These include holding a valid nurse or paramedic state license. Such licenses are essential to ensure that personnel possess the necessary medical knowledge and skills required for air evacuation operations.


Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), basic life support (BLS), and pediatric advanced life support (PALS) certifications are vital for air evacuation personnel. These certifications equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to handle cardiac emergencies and provide life-saving interventions in high-pressure situations.

PHTLS or equivalent

Prehospital trauma life support (PHTLS) training or equivalent courses are essential for air evacuation personnel. These programs focus on preparing personnel to effectively manage and treat trauma patients during the critical moments before they reach definitive care facilities. The knowledge gained through PHTLS training is invaluable in ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

Three Years in ED or ICU

Prior experience working in emergency departments (ED) or intensive care units (ICU) is highly valued for air evacuation personnel. Three years of experience in these high-intensity environments equips individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and decision-making abilities to handle complex medical cases during air evacuations.

Training after Hire

Even after meeting the minimum requirements and being hired, air evacuation personnel undergo additional training to enhance their expertise. These training programs cover various critical areas, including flight physiology, mechanical ventilation, IV pump management, aircraft indoctrination, safety protocols, and airway management. These comprehensive programs ensure that personnel are well-prepared to handle the unique challenges of medical care at high altitudes and in aircraft environments.

Air Evac International is a leading provider of air evacuation services, committed to the highest standards of care and safety. Our personnel undergo extensive qualifications and training to handle any medical emergency during air evacuations. With a focus on flight physiology, mechanical ventilation, and essential skills, our training programs ensure exceptional care and support. Choose Air Evac International for highly qualified personnel and peace of mind during critical moments.