On the Pacific Coast, merely North of the Mexico border lies the “America’s Finest City”- San Diego. This eighth-largest city in the United States has been labeled as the birthplace of California and for good reasons. It embodies phlegmatic California history, fresh ocean air, elongated beaches, and exquisite sceneries that will keep you indulged all day long. Moreover, the vibrant city offers a myriad of excursions services that allow you to tour the breathtaking vista and magnificent historic sites.

Here are the 7 best San Diego excursions:

1. The La Jolla

La Jolla is a fabulous destination with dramatic ocean views, shimmering beaches, and timeless landmarks. You can hop in a kayak and discover the marine life including leopard sharks and sea lions. You can also explore the La Jolla underwater park and the famous seven caves and relish some whale watching or the golden sunset out on the waters.

2. The Balboa Park Tour

Balboa Park is the country’s largest urban cultural park. It boasts various architectural treasures, historic landmarks, and exquisite gardens to explore. The excellent photography sites coupled with the hiking trails make it somewhere you can excuse an entire day. The park also has over 16 art, photography, and history genes museums, which include the Museum of Man, the Air and Space Museum, and the Museum of Photography Arts.

3. Ocean Excursion to 9-Mile Bank

You can head into the open ocean and tour the 9-mile bank, which is an underwater plateau suited about nine miles from the San Diego bay entrance. The gigantic bank is a popular destination for fishing since it attracts different varieties of fish. You can also watch the various species of whales and dolphins all year round.

4. San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is a world-famous destination with beautiful and fascinating exhibits to explore. The two-hour educational and entertaining adventure is filled with stories and experiences you can’t get anywhere else. You can get an outstanding view of the African penguin colony on their nesting area, the largest koala colony outside of Australia, elephants, and monkeys.

5. The Cabrillo National Monument

At the tip of San Diego bay lays point Loma with an outstanding site attraction – the Cabrillo National Monument. It is an accolade to the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo – the first European to visit American in 1542. The monument, which looks out into the main San Diego downtown area displays his figure with a cross just above his head. Nearby, you will find other attractions including a lighthouse and museum.

6. The USS Midway Museum

People with interest in US naval battles, history, and ships will be charmed by visiting the USS Midway. Situated at the harbor, this living museum is staffed with Navy veterans who share their personal experiences and knowledge. A visit to the USS Midway Museum allows visitors to understand the US Naval presence in Southern California and San Diego.

7. The Belmont Park

Located next to the pristine sandy Mission Beach, this family-friendly park is a fantastic place to indulge in outdoor activities including fun rides, amusement games among others. You can cruise the main boardwalk around Mission Beach, bike, or simply enjoy the day on the beach.

The Takeaway

With immense heritage and culture running deep within its root, San Diego appeals to all individuals with diverse interests and ages. However, during these adventurous excursions, sometimes you may experience a medical emergency.

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