Blue Hole, Belize
An aerial view of the coral reef and deep cave that make up the famous diving spot of the Blue Hole in the Caribbean Ocean off the coast of Belize.

If you are looking at traveling to the tropical paradise of Belize, you are in for a treat because of the cultural and natural treasures to be found in the Caribbean nation. Bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south, Belize is the epicenter for natural wonder and exciting travel destinations. If you tend towards the exciting end of the holiday spectrum, you will not want to miss the following five outdoor excursions.

1. Acton Tunichil Muknal

Located in the heart of the Belize rainforest, the ATM Cave, Acton Tunichil Muknal, is more than an adventure destination. Indeed, it is a trek back into the Spirit World of the Mayan Empire. Following a 45-minute hike into the rugged Mountain Tapir Reserve area before alighting at the ATM Cave where Mayan priests once made sacrifices to the gods. With more than 1,400 artifacts littering the cave, it is an archeological treasure trove not to be missed.

2. Xunantunich

When traveling in Belize, the ruins of Xunantunich offer one of the best vantage points to view the entire Mopan River Valley. Meaning the “Stone Woman in Maya, Xunantunich is a prime example of a ceremonial center from the classic period of Mayan culture, the site can only be reached by daily ferry service between 8 am and 5 pm. Perched at the very top, El Castillo is a well-preserved ruin featuring elaborate sun god masks, more than two dozen temples, and six major plazas dotting the archeological site.

3. The Belize Barrier Reef Experience

One need not travel to the expanse of the South Pacific for a first-class barrier experience. Spanning 185 miles of Belize’s coastline, the Belize Barrier Reef system has been tapped as a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring crystal blue waters serving as a haven for more than 500 types of fish, coral species, and four hundred islands dotting the coastal region, which makes it a destination point for divers and SCUBA enthusiasts. Experienced guides bring you to the best spots, so you can experience the ultimate in diving experiences in North America spread across seven distinct marine reserve zones.

4. Glover’s Reef

Another World Heritage Site and world-class adventure location in Belize is Glover’s Reef, once the bailiwick of pirate brothers, John and Roger Glover, who plied those waters during the closing days of the Golden Age of Piracy. However, a millennium earlier, Mayans sailed to the area as evidenced by the presence of period pottery found on the many islands in the area. Now, you can explore the reef while reveling in outdoor adventure activities like snorkeling, cliff diving, zip-lining, kayaking, and more.

5. Caves Branch River

Thanks to the limestone composition of the Maya Mountain foothills, a vast network of subterranean caverns, sinkholes, and underground creeks fed by the Caves Branch River system. The largest such cave system in Central America, the Caves Branch section of the river took hundreds of thousands of years to form. This incremental geological change results provide visitors with one of the wildest outdoor experiences on the planet. Combine a unique spelunking experience with a therapeutic float along subterranean river passages, which makes a visit to the area one of the top destination points in the country.

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