Beach of Isla Roatan in Honduras
Photograph of the coast of Honduras island Roatan

For travelers looking to experience a truly tropical paradise laced with equal parts excitement and relaxation, the tropical beacon of the island of Roatán Bay.  A short hop via prop plane from the Honduras mainland, Roatán Bay provides all the elements of an exciting adventure vacation.  While the official language of the island is Spanish, the patois of Caribbean English is routinely used to communicate, and the United States dollar circulates as freely as the local currency.

Whether you want to explore dense jungle trails or bypass them entirely by zipping above at exciting speeds along a perfectly safe zip-line, there is a myriad of opportunities available to demonstrate your inner Indiana Jones.  The island is a step away from the typical tourist destinations that are coated with glam and glitz, and it’s replaced with dirt roads that meander through local hamlets and towns.  Each village is dotted with colorful shacks populated with friendly people, and you will get to know the local culture intimately.

1. Resorts: The Portals to Comfort and Adventure

One need not sacrifice comfort and luxury in search of a primitive island adventure.  Indeed, there are two resorts located on the island that are bound to exceed your wildest expectations regarding accommodations.  The first, Anthony’s Key Resort, situated on Sandy Bay, across the narrow stretch of the island from the island’s largest town, Coxen Hole, Anthony’s offers a truly memorable experience.  Additionally, you can arrange, reserve, and schedule your island adventures through the resort, so you won’t have to worry that you might be missing something important and exciting.

Not to be outdone, Infinity Bay Spa and Beach Resort earned the 2015 Traveler’s Choice Award by TripAdvisor for its Old World charm and a signature infinity pool that expansively stretches towards the sea to create the illusion of an unbroken aquatic horizon that reaches forever.  A short walk in either direction quickly puts you in close proximity to beachside restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues designed to tantalize and scintillate.

2. Zip-Line Across the Plush, Lush Jungle Landscape

Imagine getting the caffeine rush of every cup of coffee you have ever drunk hitting your central nervous system all at once.  Such is the jolt you will feel when you step off to begin your journey through the layer upon layer of thick jungle canopy that covers the island.  Follow up your stunning voyage with a cold beer and a leisurely nature walk that is designed to help you regain your normal resting heart rate following the excitement from above.

3. Wild Life Tours Guaranteed to Delight

The overwhelming sensation one feels when traipsing the island is the close connection the residents hold for their natural resources.  Justly proud of their local flora and fauna, there is a range of different wildlife sanctuaries designed to protect those species while educating the public about their importance.  Play with brilliantly flashing birds like the majestic and intelligent Macaws, or match your wits against the duplicitous shenanigans of local, small monkeys that are indigenous to the region.  Commune with some of the most beautiful nature you are likely to find on the planet.

4. Dance with Dolphins and Embrace Their Aquatic Lives

Perhaps owing to lax tourist laws, you are a waiver away from swimming with the ocean’s friendliest denizens, the dolphin.  You can free swim within an enclosed portion of Anthony’s Key Resort which puts you in their environment where you will discover that they will be ready to frolic playfully with you as you splash in the warm Caribbean water.  A pro-tip for those in the know, it is reported that if you dive down and snatch some seaweed from the bay’s floor and prominently display it about, the friendly creatures will playfully steal it from your hands before waving it about themselves.

5. Explore the Second Biggest Coral Reef in the World

Scuba Diver certification is a necessary precondition of this particular adventure, but advanced preparation and training open up a world of natural beauty that few have ever seen.  Situated at the very tip of the massive Mesoamerican Barrier Reef system, seconded only by Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in size, the aquatic ecosystem stretches more than 600 miles, and is home to more than 400 fish and 70 coral-dwelling, animal species.  You will not want to miss this life-altering experience while visiting beautiful Roatán Bay.

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