As one of Florida’s premier vacation destinations, South Florida’s Miami boasts an abundance of entertainment options, as well as beaches and great weather. It is known for being not only a cultural treasure trove but a modern metropolis as well. Miami, which happens to have its own version of Cuban culture in Little Havana, features an Art Deco District and is situated near the Everglades National Park with its own unique ecosystem and wildlife. That’s not all, though, Miami also happens to have some of the most adrenaline pumping, heart-racing, death-defying sports you will ever experience. Read on to learn more about the many activities in Miami that are not for the faint of heart, compiled by Air Evac International:

Homestead Miami Speedway

Located in South Dade, in the city of Miami, the Homestead Miami Speedway is a thrilling sport to see year-round. On a monthly basis, the speedway opens its doors for “Fast Lane Friday” where anyone who desires a thrill can race their car down their 1,700-foot straightaway, drag race style, going as fast as they dare. The speedway also allows guests to team up with professional race car drivers to learn how to operate high-speed sports cars like the Audi R8, Ferrari GT, Lamborghini Gallardo, or Ferrari F430. Guests who prefer to stay out of the action themselves but would still like the thrill of seeing some racing can enjoy one of the 280 active racing days the Speedway hosts for professional racers.

Thriller Miami

What could be more exciting than an activity deemed the “World’s Most Exciting Tour Boat.” While visiting Thriller Miami, you will fly by ports on 42-foot-speedboats, zooming past ports like South Beach, Fisher Island, Monument Island, Star Island and Port Miami going up to 50, when you hit open ocean. This adrenaline packed boat tours last around 45 minutes and are extreme, to say the least. They are high octane and not for someone who would rather have a calm, educational type of tour.

Miami Executive Helicopters

Take your Miami experience to the sky when you leave on a voyage south to see breathtaking views of the Keys with Miami Executive Helicopters. Though the flight should be somewhat calm, the fact that you are flying in a helicopter over the ocean makes this a heart-racing experience. You won’t look at Miami the same once you observe the sparkling pools, winding canals, mansions, and vistas from the air. Contact the Executive Helicopter team to personalize your helicopter experience, making it your own unique activity.

Zip Lining at Jungle Island

Situated between Miami Beach and Downtown Miami is Watson Island’s Jungle Island. Currently, Jungle Island is home to a number of exotic animals and provide guests with jungle experiences, a multi-million-dollar renovation coming soon will mean Jungle Island will soon also be providing guests with seven zip lines they can try, going as high as 14-feet in the air. There will even be one zip line that allows guest to “swoop” down the line in a Superman-like tandem harness. Jungle Island will also build a lazy river, wave pool and provide kayaking and paddle boarding for guests as part of their expansion.

Vice City Rollers

If you have never before experienced a roller derby competition before, you don’t want to miss Vice City Rollers, Miami’s only (and first) all-female roller derby league. This is a thrilling experience to watch as it is a full-contact sport like no other. The roller derby season runs from February to September. If you want to do more than sit and watch, you can even sign up for a class, entitled Roller Derby 101, jokingly called “Fresh Meat Class” and get in on the action yourself.

Lock & Load

Situated ironically in the heart of Miami’s premier arts district, is a machine gun shooting range called Lock & Load. This shooting range provides guests with over 24 firing lanes, located throughout the 14,000 square foot range. You can choose from over 25 fully automatic guns to rent in order to put all the firing lanes and space to good use. Choose either the Black Widow, 007, or Automatic Gratification packages, which allows you to fire 250 rounds from 10 automatic weapons. Heart pounding gun action isn’t for everyone, but if you love the thrill of shooting a powerful weapon, you will love Lock & Load. Thankfully, professional guidance is available should the need arise.

Miami Skydiving Center

If the idea of falling some 13,500 feet out of the air, in a 60-second, 120 mph free fall sounds appealing to you, visit Miami Skydiving Center. Don’t worry, even if you have never before tried something as daring as skydiving, Miami Skydiving Center provides tandem options for first-time guests. Miami Skydiving Center will also make a video of your dive so you can experience the thrill of free-falling again and again or use it to brag a little on your bravery, whichever.

AirEvac International Air Ambulance Services

Miami is a beautiful, culturally and artistically interesting city known for its mild temperatures and trendy nightlife. However, it also has some heart-racing, extreme sport/activities you can either watch or take part in while visiting. Of course, at Air Evac International, we hope that you don’t have need of our air ambulance services. However, you can know we are here ready to serve should you need to be evacuated in order to get needed medical attention. Contact us today to learn more about we proudly serve the Miami and surrounding areas in this manner