Enjoying Your Mexico Vacation Safely

In light of more recent travel warnings as well as stories of travelers facing dangers while visiting Mexico, many tourists are thinking twice before choosing Mexico as their next vacation destination.

While travel advisories aren’t unusual in many parts of Mexico, tourist areas such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Playa del Carmen are typically considered safe. Most troubles occur in areas outside of resorts and tourist-heavy towns and cities. Drug and other organized crimes typically do not target tourists.

By and large, the most you have to look out for are crimes of opportunity, such as pickpocketing and mugging. The truth is you will find these crimes anywhere large numbers of tourists congregate. Tourist destinations worldwide have scams and petty thefts. With any destination, it is important to stay informed and practice common sense safety. Here are some tips you will find useful whether you are traveling to Mexico or anywhere else.

1. Do Your Research Beforehand

Recently, there have been reports of increased incidents of crime in areas of Mexico typically considered safe. While this did result in increased travel advisories, these incidents are not the norm. Still, it’s a good idea to check ahead before you book a destination. Research the area to ensure there are no known issues that would cause you to avoid the area. Do a thorough check of the hotel or resort you are planning to stay at. Check reviews and inquire about security. Checking multiple review sites is helpful.

2. Be Mindful of Your Surroundings

Stick to busy, main roads and avoid alleys or deserted areas, particularly at night. Stay near your resort. If you take a taxi, have the hotel arrange it for you. Although it may cost more, book tours and activities through your hotel. This helps to avoid potential scams or other problems.

3. Be Responsible and Use Common Sense

If you plan to drink, you are best to stay at your resort. Avoid wandering around on foot at night, especially if you’ve been drinking, as this makes you an ideal target for mugging. Watch the bartender pour and mix your drinks. Again, read reviews of the clubs, restaurants, and bars you plan to visit while you are on vacation.

4. Keep A Low Profile

Kidnappings do happen in Mexico; however, these tend to involve Mexican nationals, not tourists. However, robberies can happen, particularly if you make yourself an easy target. Be mindful of showing your cash or credit cards while you are out, or even at your hotel. Don’t be flashy. Leave expensive jewelry, etc. at home.

5. Be A Smart, Savvy and Respectful Guest

Observe all local laws and customs. Be friendly and mindful of your behavior. Don’t buy drugs or misbehave in public. Don’t draw attention to yourself. Be respectful and polite. These common-sense behaviors will go a long way toward keeping you safe in any country.
By and large, most people who travel to Mexico do so without incident. Mexico is typically a warm, friendly and safe destination with lots to do and see. While you should always be mindful of travel warnings and advisories, use your best judgment when choosing your vacation destination.