AirEvac International air ambulance team

At a very basic level, an air ambulance offers medevac services for patients who have a medical issue and require transportation back to their home country. However, patients’ needs are not always that simple. It is best to use an air ambulance company that offers a comprehensive array of services that can be customized to the specific needs of the medical situation at hand. Here are some of the services that are available through a reputable air ambulance service company.

Air Ambulance Transport

Air ambulance transport provides patients fast and reliable transportation back to their home country for further medical treatment and evaluation. These international medical flights can be both short-range or long-range. The air ambulance should have the capability to accommodate the patient’s medical needs with the proper equipment and team of specialists required for the medical situation.

Commercial Medical Escorts

Air ambulance service is not limited specifically to services in an air transport unit. Accompaniment on a commercial flight is another service available. If a patient is traveling alone, a team of critical care flight nurses or physicians can travel with the patient on the commercial flight to ensure that the patients arrive home safely.

Ground Ambulance Transport

Medical situations can happen anywhere, even in remote locations. Another service provided by air ambulance companies is ground transport service. A ground ambulance transport unit is staffed with a team of medical experts who assess the situation, stabilize the patient, and transfer to either a local facility or airport for further care.

Medical Insurance Verification

As part of the transportation process, medical insurance must be verified. A reputable air ambulance service provides patients and their families with claims specialists who can facilitate this process for them. This service relieves the stress of dealing with often confusing insurance issues while the patient is trying to recover.


At times, returning to a home country carries with it many logistical issues. A good air ambulance service will aid in the repatriation process. They will employ a team of multilingual specialists to work with consulates, handle customs and immigration issues, and other challenges that may come up when the patient returns to their home country.

Special Event Medical Staffing

Very large organized events such as soccer games, marathons, and concerts may attract people from all over the world. Another service provided by air ambulance companies is medical staffing for such events. This service consists of ground transport with a team of medical specialists on-site and medevac service on standby if needed.

When a medical situation occurs in a foreign country, it is important to use a reputable air ambulance company that offers a variety of services that can accommodate most situations and levels of care required. AirEvac International offers comprehensive services and the highest level of care for all of its patients.