One of the best parts of vacationing is getting to eat in unique, local restaurants and experience new tastes and atmospheres. If you plan on visiting Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, anytime soon, make sure eating at the following amazing restaurants is on your itinerary, brought to you by Air Evac International:

La Roca: Grand Solmar Land’s End

This elegant restaurant is opened daily for breakfast and dinner. This intimate atmosphere where the romantic environment is enhanced by tea candles also happens to be one of the best locations for whale watching in the area if you happen to stroll onto the outdoor terrace. This restaurant is well-equipped to adhere to even difficult dietary restrictions and provides both gluten-free and vegan options. La Roca’s highly skilled Chef Hector Lucas is excellent at incorporating regional products like local seafood and organic vegetables. Though the menu is deemed “international or Baja-style”, and there is a bit of Mexican flavor added to each and every dish. Lucas also takes great pride in utilizing his own grandmothers tried and true recipes to create memorable fare that won’t soon be forgotten.


Named after Edith Jamenez, who started the restaurant after working her way up from waitressing is a truly charming environment, complete with rustic wooden tables and a thatched ceiling. The food selection at Edith’s includes the rustic cuisine from her hometown of Guerrero, which means homemade tortillas, flavorful herbs and stews are on the menu. There is also a heavy Baja influence with the Chile poblano, and seafood served.

Mi Casa

Known as the eatery that provides mariachis and magicians along with their margaritas, Mis Casa has been proudly serving the Cabo San Lucas region for over 20 years. They now have an additional location in San Jose’s del Cabo, but there is something about the original that just makes it extra special. In Spanish, the term “mi casa es su casa” literally translates to my home is your home, and you will most certainly feel at home in this unique restaurant. Enjoy primarily Mexican cuisine, ranging from shrimp tacos al pastor to white-fish ceviche and even some carne asada. In addition to the entertainment options available, you will also enjoy the colorful, eclectic environment featuring oversized Day of the Dead murals as well as brightly painted chairs.

The Office on the Beach

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend all our time at the beach? Especially when we are supposed to be working. How about when eating? Well, if you love the thought of practically living, working and eating on the beach, you will adore this ultra-casual beachfront joint. While the food is okay, the atmosphere simply can’t be topped. You dine right on the white sandy beach. In addition, every Thursday night The Office on the Beach holds a Gran Fiesta Mexicana completed with candy-filled pinatas, fireworks and even some folk dancing. Word to the wise, this location is on the smaller side, and it is a really popular spot, so make a reservation to ensure you get a table.

Los Tres Gallos

Situated in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Los Tres Gallos is an affordable option for authentic Mexican cuisine. This quaint restaurant, featuring an open-air courtyard, complete with fruit trees, has honed generations of recipes that have been passed down among Cabo San Lucas families to perfection. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your favorite go-to spot in Los Cabos. You will fall in love with the hand-made salsas, mole dishes, and hand-rolled tortillas.


If the idea of eating something other than Mexican appeals to you while you’re enjoying your stay in Cabo San Lucas, there is likely no better option in the area than Nick-San. This Japanese and/or sushi dining establishment features some of the best sushi you have ever tried. Don’t worry though, just because this restaurant specializes in Japanese cuisine, they still manage to fuse Mexican flavors into their dishes. Don’t miss out on the lobster roll made with lobster sauce, masago, mango, avocado, lobster tempura or the yellowfin tuna belly tostadas.


Created by chef Enrique Olvera, Manta is a unique eatery, complete with a name derived from two meanings. On one hand, the restaurant is so named because of the great Manta ray, which symbolizes the Manta’s focus on seafood dishes. The second meaning for Manta is discovered when you translate the word “manta” into the beautiful Spanish language. In Spanish, manta means blanket. The idea conceived by Chef Olvera is to create a restaurant that put the chef’s emphasis on guest comfort into action. The richly textured interior of Manta is designed to allow guests to see the exhibition kitchen and provides guests with amazing views of the most secluded and desirable playas.

Pitahayas: Hacienda del Mar

German chef Volker Romeiker manages to successfully combine a variety of Pacific Rim flare, fusing Filipino, Malaysian, Korean, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisines, all prepared using European techniques. You will love the restaurant’s open-side, thatched roof constructed with dried palm leaves. Popular dishes include broiled shrimp with coconut rice, yellowfin tuna Napoleon and Swiss chard among their many selections. Guests will also enjoy the more than 400 international and domestic wines to choose from at Pitahayas.

Enjoy all of the Cabo San Lucas restaurants listed above to experience the very best in culinary excellence the area has to offer. Some are casual, while others are more formal in their atmosphere, giving you the ability to get dressed up or keep it comfortable, depending on your mood.

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