Situated in central Mexico, the interesting city of San Miguel De Allende has taken many a visitor and turned them into a long-time resident. Though not as irrefutably well-known as a popular cities like Florence of Capetown, when it comes to guest satisfaction, San Miguel De Allende more than holds it one and has caused many to fall head over heels the moment they set foot in this amazing nook of a city situated away from the typical touristy locations of Mexico. Read on to learn nine things you can discover about San Miguel to explain what makes it so special brought to you by Air Evac International:

1.) It is Considered a World’s Best City

In 2017 and 2018, San Miguel beat out heavy hitters like Capetown and Florence to win the coveted “World’s Best City Award” from Travel + Leisure. This award is based on several factors but includes the opinions of thousands of tourists who visited San Miguel and couldn’t help but fall in love with its many unique features. San Miguel made history by winning this award for the first time in the awards’ 23-year history. It’s an amazing feat when you consider the fact that San Miguel won this award without the help of beaches or a large amusement park and is a great testament to the validity of the city when it comes to being a worthwhile travel destination.

2.) Ease of Travel

San Miguel features 24 blocks of paths, alleys, and cobblestone streets, all without the hassle of streetlights. Be careful with the cobblestones as they can be a bit uneven. However, the historic center of the city is ideal for walking around and just taking in the sights, sounds, and culture of beautiful San Miguel. The colorful buildings combined with the historic cobblestones create a picturesque atmosphere that almost begs to be photographed.

3.) Architecture

Speaking of photo ops, the architecture in San Miguel De Allende, which consists of extremely well-preserved Spanish and Colonial architecture is something you don’t want to miss. The tallest building in the city, the Parraquia de San Miguel Archangel is a local parish church, which looks more like a Cathedral, has a facade made of pink limestone, which makes a simply breathtaking picture.  In fact, the view from the city’s center, predominantly featuring the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, is something that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale.

4.) Small, Eclectic Shops

Within the city boundaries of San Miguel, you will find a wonderful assortment of old stores, modern boutiques, souvenir shops and art galleries for a truly eclectic atmosphere. You can spend hours just walking through these stores and never get bored thanks to the wonderment of items they contain. You can even get your hands on some homeopathic remedies that have been utilized for centuries. The streets are also full of area artisans selling handmade Mexican crafts.

5.) Mix of Cultures

There is an interesting mix of cultures who call San Miguel de Allende home. Many retirees are making the city the location in which to spend their twilight years, thanks to the moderate cost-of-living, vibrant art scene, and temperate climate, while the city also regularly attracts tourists from other countries as well as visitors throughout other Mexican cities. In addition, many writers and artists, most often from either Canada or the United States, are now calling the city home. Of course, as you would expect San Miguel also contains a rich amount of Mexican culture.

6.) Dining and Food Options

Due to the influx of tourists, retirees and artists, the city of San Miguel also provide a wide array of dining options. Most of the best restaurants’ menus are made up of locally sourced, fresh ingredients. Speaking of food, the municipal market is yet another benefit to the city offers visitors and residents alike. Be sure to stop by the event to learn more about the food and cultures of the region.

7.) Moderate Temperatures

Speaking of the many dining options in San Miguel, much of the restaurants have rooftop dining options or bars on the rooftops as a result of the amazingly mild temperatures. Known as “eternal spring” San Miguelâ’s pleasant temperatures are yet another thing you need to discover about this beautiful city.

8.) Artistic History

Many World War II soldiers utilized the GI bill to enroll in San Miguel art schools, which originated in the city in 1938. Today, there remains a healthy, vibrant community of artists, which several galleries as well as artisans and working artists. The city even has its own design and art center, which is interestingly enough, currently housed in a previously utilized textile factory. Of course, as mentioned above, you can see many of the creations these artists make on the streets or within the shops of San Miguel.

9.) Beautiful Foliage

In addition to the architectural and artistic beauty that makes up San Miguel, the city is also blessed with an abundance of flowering foliage. One notable plant that calls the city home is the breathtaking Jacaranda Tree. This tree, which boasts lavender-colored blossoms, is a tropical tree, native to the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, and Central America. The best time to see these beauties in full bloom is between March and April.

The above are notable things about San Miguel you might not have known. This culturally diverse, artistically engaging city is something out of a picture book to be sure. If you plan on visiting the city any time soon, be sure to discover all the above characteristics to understand what makes this city so special. 

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